Suzanne Applebaum


Jewelry designer Suzanne Applebaum began making handcrafted jewelry and accessories from fine metals in 2008 in the Rust Belt city of Toledo, Ohio, where she was raised.  Inspired by the town’s industrial manufacturing tradition, Applebaum trained in metalsmithing at the Toledo Museum of Art and at Bowling Green State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. 


Now based at her home-studio in Covington, Kentucky, Applebaum is known for her mixed-metal creations, made to inspire authenticity and boldness. “A signature of mine is mixing metals because I want people to find ways to wear one piece with as many looks as possible. I create jewelry that is versatile—it can be a bold statement piece or worn to elevate an everyday look.” Edgy yet sophisticated, each piece starts with the clean lines of modernist aesthetics and adds a unique twist. With the incorporation of vintage chains, leather, gemstones, rope, or horsehair, Applebaum demonstrates a sensibility for repurposing elements from the past. SA Jewelry will always offer pieces that transcend passing trends and stand on their own as individual works of art.